Buyer and the Seller can take place in two ways.

>The Buyer has the right to place any order for negotiations with the Seller , including the provisions of the rules below. Negotiations should be conducted in writing and addressed to the Seller ( KM Krzysztof Makowski, ul Zawisza Czarnego 91, 52-241 Wrocław ).

In case of cancellation by the Buyer of the possibility of concluding the contract by individual negotiations, the following rules and regulations apply.


§1 Definitions

Krzysztof Makowski Ul Zawiszy Czarnego 91 52-241 Wroclaw

Krzysztof Makowski Ul Zawiszy Czarnego 91 52-241 Wroclaw

E-mail: phone: 784 697 460

Krzysztof Makowski Ul Zawiszy Czarnego 91 52-241 Wroclaw

NIP: 899-282-50-20 , REGON: 36793795 , GIODO: 123456 registered and visible in CEIDG records at:  https: // ... (find your entry in CEIDG and insert a link here, copy it from the browser bar!) or in the National Court Register under number: 111222333 BANK ACCOUNT: 53 1910 1048 2944 0427 4694 0001


§2 General conditions


§3 Conclusion and implementation



§4 Right to withdraw from the contract



§5 Warranty


unless the Seller promptly and without undue inconvenience to the Consumer will replace the faulty item free of defects or defect will be removed. However, if the item has already been exchanged or repaired by the Seller or the Seller has not made the obligation to exchange the item free of defects or remove the defect, he shall not be entitled to exchange the item or remove the defect.

Otherwise it is considered to have justified the statement or the request of the Consumer .


§6 Privacy policy and personal data security


§7 Final provisions


Lastly, the matter is decided by the local and local court.


Version 13.3 ( Wroclaw, 20 October 2017 )


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